Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions

We encourage you to carefully read our online prospectus, available here on our home page.

Even if you are not attending The Academy in person, this prospectus will help you to understand the vision, heart and mission of The Academy, as well as provide more insight into our teaching.

Students who tune in online will have access to our ‘Foundational Theology’ Stream and our Mighty in the Scriptures Stream.

These are core teaching streams which unpack, in depth, a range of foundational theological and scriptural topics.

Led by Mark Greenwood, these teachings are fundamental for thriving in the Christian life and in intimacy with God. This is globally recognised teaching and is bearing enormous fruit in many lives and communities.

Please see the online prospectus available on the Home Page for more in-depth Stream information.

Despite having built a Certificate 4 level quality of curriculum, The Academy is not currently an accredited form of study.

Once you sign up you can immediately access our Members area. As the content becomes available live each week on Monday at 11am, you can then access it. You can watch it live, or watch it back any time throughout the year. 

You can also download the content direct to your computer if you prefer.

Yes. You can view this in the online Prospectus available here.

Sessions for the Online Unit are between 1 hour and 1 hour and 30 minutes each Monday morning from 11am onward. 

The 22nd of February 2021 at 11am AEST. 

Yes! Just as Jesus sent the disciples out in twos, we encourage you to do this course with others.

There are discounts for bigger groups too which you can see on our online payment page. 

No, you don’t. Simply register your home group and arrange to meet together in person and watch through the videos together.

We base this on an honesty system.