What to


A year at the Academy is an immersive educational experience that partners strong biblical teaching with Holy Spirit inspired encounters.

Monday to Wednesday

9:30am - 4:15pm


All in-person classes are held at Glory City Church in Brisbane Australia. For the remainder of the week, students could pursue employment opportunities or alternatively enjoy the beautiful Brisbane and Southeast Queensland lifestyle. 


All online classes are streamed live and on demand anywhere in the world. These classes can be taken individually, or alternatively together with some other friends, homegroups or wider church ministries.

Academic Learning

Academic learning forms an important part of the Academy experience. Forming the majority of the weekly schedule, students will engage in interactive classes taught by world class teaches. These classes touch on a variety of subjects and seek to partner strong biblical teaching inspired by the Holy Spirit. Through these classes students are empowered intellectually and practically, understanding what they believe and why they believe it, strengthening their faith and drawing them closer in relationship to the Father. These classes include:

A class that unpacks, in depth, a range of foundational theological topics that are fundamental for thriving in the Christian life and in
intimacy with God. Topics include,

  • Righteousness
  • Intimacy with God
  • Fellowship with one another
  • The goodness of God
  • Gods Sovereignty
  • The deceitfulness of sin
  • The priesthood mandate
  • The old and new covenant
  • New Covenant Theology
  • Holy Spirit
  • Prayer and Dialogue with God
  • Kingdom of God and its increase
  • Gifts of the Spirit
  • Devine Healing
  • The Atonement
  • Eschatology

A class built around getting bible tools into the hands of students and setting them up for a lifetime of biblical literacy, authority and application.

Students will learn to operate in the miraculous when praying for the sick and needy, how to encounter God, evangelism as well as prayer and intercession. In this class students learn how to move with the Holy Spirit and flow in their own gifting.

The purpose of this class is to equip students to steward their daily lives well and discover how they can see the kingdom increase on the earth. Through the study of personal disciplines students are empowered to cultivate these into their daily lives and experience God’s presence in a deeper way.

This prophetic stream purposes to train and equip students in developing prophetic culture in their day to day lives. Together students are
equipped in the different aspects of the prophetic and become confident in the voice of their Father.

The Prayer Stream equips students not only in their own intimate prayer times with the Father, but also touches on topics such as intercession, warfare, prophetic decrees and declarations in prayer, how to not carry burdens in prayer, travail and much more. Students will also learn how to practically lead corporate prayer meetings, and how to effectively pray for nations.

This highly practical stream covers three areas of development. Healthy foundations for navigating personal and enduring relationships with God, exploring the revelation of Gods righteousness and public speaking. This steam equips students with a skills that will last a lifetime, training them in public speaking, preaching, facilitating and personal feedback.

During this stream we regularly hear from some of the Glory City Church staff and ministry coordinator, including Ps Katherine Ruonala. During this class students may learn more about

  • The Miraculous and Mystical
  • Leadership
  • The Prophetic
  • Intimacy
  • The Church
  • Church Planting
  • Faith
  • The Family of God
  • Revival History


During their time at the academy students will discover a value for God’s presence, times of encounter, prayer worship and communing with God. Our schedule seeks to make significant space for the pursuit of His Presence. We seek to build this value into our students resulting in people who will cultivate and prioritise worship for the rest of their lives.

We believe that God is more concerned with our affection rather than our activity. It is His presence that alters the course of our lives and shapes our destiny.

We welcome students with a musical background to serve the student cohort on our worship team from term two of the school year.
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The academy implements a range of activations in the gifts of the spirit, in the scriptures, in connection with each other, in prayer and much more. We encourage students to actively engage their theology and faith on a daily basis.

Students are equipped with a range of activities and practises they can cultivate in their own families, communities and leadership team in the future.
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Connection Groups

We believe that God’s heart is for deep and real connection, with Him first and then with each other. God is family! We believe that when students feel safe, seen and loved they engage in the process of growing and sharing their lives with courage and joy. At the start of the Academy year, students are placed in Connection Groups where they will remain for the rest of the year. These groups become smaller relational units within the larger body of students. These groups will meet regularly during the Academy days, sharing meals together, encouraging one another, impacting the community together and are encouraged to grow and share their journey in God as they walk through the year.
The purpose of these groups are to:
  • Create deep relational connections between students
  • Reflect on the teaching of The Academy and provide a safe space to unpack, digest and apply what is being taught.
  • Provide a space where students can be safely activated
  • Reflect on weekly group goals.
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As a part of the course curriculum, students attend two week long retreats, one at the beginning of the year and one at the end.

At the first intensive students are provided the opportunity to develop connection with their fellow students as well as the lecturers. There are also times of worship, encounter and teaching. Its purpose is to set the foundation, begin to develop culture and posture hearts for the year ahead.

The second retreat is held at the end of the year and is a time of celebration and, reflection and commissioning. It is also a time of preparation for the next season the students will move into. Our end of year retreat is always a highlight as students reflect and share testimonies of everything God has done throughout the year.

Pastoral Culture and Support

We place high value on supporting students pastorally throughout their time at The Academy. With an incredible pastoral team, the students have access to various levels of support. From time to time we realise that students may require some support to help process circumstances in their personal lives or during their time at the Academy. During their time at the academy students have access to various levels of support, including from their Connect groups facilitators and qualified our pastoral team. Furthermore we passionately believe in developing a culture where students are equipped to support and encourage one another.
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Mission Trips

An exciting part of the academy year is the mid year mission experience. These mission trips are one valuable expression of active evangelism and community impact. During their trips students form amazing bonds, spread the Gospel, actively love and get to put into practice the amazing growth and equipping there are gaining. Each year offers different opportunities both nationally and internationally. They are generally 1-2 weeks in length and range from $500-$3500 in cost. Students are responsible for all costs of mission in addition to their Academy fees.
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Guest Leader takeovers & intensives

Glory city church will often host guest ministers at their weekend services, and where possible we will have these leaders runs intensives for our students based on their particular giftings and callings. This days look like entire takeover days with guests teaching, participating in Q and A’s, ministering to students and more. These days enable students to catch what others are carrying and further empowering them in their faith.
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Extracurricular intensives are typically held on Monday evenings throughout the year. Build primarily around the 5-fold graces, these are recommended for students but are also open to the public and church community. These nights give the students the opportunity to interact with and minister to people outside of The Academy. Although these intensives are optional we believe that students that engage with these intensives gain far more benefit from the overall course.
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10. Serving in the Local Church

There is a value that students of the Academy seek to actively serve in their church family and community in some capacity. During your time learning at the Academy we encourage you to serve in your local church. If you are relocating to Brisbane and making Glory City Church your home church during your time at the Academy there will be many opportunities to connect and serve in the community.
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