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Live Admin Sorry about that. I clicked something I don't usually click and it crashed it. I'll know not to do that again.
William & Diana It’s so, so good Katherine. Thank you! Love Daniel 11:32 the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits.
Helen Markland I loved this Thank you
Live Admin Have a blessed week everyone Emoticon emoticon-10
Admin Hey everyone, I've upgraded the chat box. You can now edit your messages once you've sent them, display a profile photo and pick from some more modern emoji's. If you wish to add a photo you can do so in your account area here:
Helen Markland Thanks SO much Ben! Ben, do you know the bible memory verse of this week please?
Helen Markland Hi William and Diana ! I saw you on the Arise chatline this weekend!
William & Diana Yes. We had an amazing time Helen. We loved the prayer sessions
Helen Markland Oh, wonderful. I joined in a prayer room and everyone joined in praying for each other!
William & Diana Yes ours too. I had the priviledge of praying for the Prayer Ministers too with a prophetic word of healing. I was so excited with what God is doing
William & Diana Good morning Mark and Kathering
Helen Markland It would be great to re- watch Arise again but I haven't found a way yet!
William & Diana Yes and Amen Katherine. We walk in His love and power when we show His power
William & Diana Hi Helen. Yes I’d love that too. If I find a way ill let you know. Please let me know too if you find a way
Helen Markland Endless words to describe HIM
William & Diana Song of Songs 2:13 Can you not discern this new day of destiny breaking forth around you? The early signs of my purposes and plans are bursting forth. The budding vines of new life are now blooming everywhere. The fragrance of their flowers whispers, “There is change in the air.”
William & Diana Yes. Katherine you are such a GIFT
William & Diana We are happy to move on
William & Diana Hi Admin. In the past I was able to download each of the sessions so that I could watch offline. But after about week 6 it seems that I can no longer download the sessions. Is this deliberate or is there some issue?
Live Admin I'll get back to you all about your questions shortly after the stream.
William & Diana Acts 4:13 Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated and untrained men, they marveled. And they realized that they had been with Jesus.
William & Diana Thanks Admin
Helen Markland I just prayed with a little boy for healing of his irritated eye. William and Diana can you pray for his complete healing with me too please?
Live Admin Helen, no unfortunately I don't know the memory verse for this week.
Live Admin William, you are right. In the past there was a button you could click to download each session. For simplicity and an overall better playback experience the sessions are now through Youtube. In the past they were uploaded to Vimeo. You can however still easily download each session. Under the video's you'll find a notice titled Changes to downloading videos. If you follow those instructions you should be able to download the videos as before. If you run into any troubles you can email me [email protected]
Helen Markland Thanks Ben, for the first time, I downloaded todays msg. I downloaded it as an audio onto my computer.
Live Admin @Helen Markland: That's great to hear!
William & Diana Thanks Ben. Greatly appreciate you letting me know how to access the downloads. Blessings. William
Admin @William & Diana: you're welcome Emoticon emoticon-10 One thing I have noticed is if you try to download the video shortly after it's been streamed it may not work. So best to give it a few hours first. But you can download all the previous weeks straight away. Have a great week!
student Hey beautiful family!! (Katt)
student hi Mark and class mates _ melody
student <3
Helen Markland Hey everyone!
Helen Markland Hey Ben, hope youre doing great... I did email Mark with some shots for know of the email issues?I'm wondering whether he got it? i also emailed the academy email too...
student what scripture is that in Peter touching and healing?
Helen Markland i need to kniow too Katt!
Helen Markland there it is john 14:12
Helen Markland Whoever believes in me, not the shadow scripture!
student I SAW THAT
student I thought she was wearing glitter
Helen Markland oh wow, thank You LORD!
Live Admin @Helen Markland: I'll check with Mark to see if he got your email.
student so good Mark! (katt)
student thank you (melody)
student Love you Mark! (katt)
Helen Markland hey there Ben, good morning! Are you able to add the new PDF for the new unit/topic that begins today please?
Live Admin Yes, thanks Helen for the reminder. I'll add a button to it on the member's area later today. For now here is the direct link
Helen Markland Thanks Ben, wonderful
Live Admin We'll be starting just a few minutes late today. Great to have you all with us as usual Emoticon emoticon-10
student Hey its crackling real bad
Helen Markland Hi Ben, very crackling sound here
Live Admin Looking into it now
Helen Markland great now, thank you!!!
Jessica Woodhouse thanks admin thats awesome
Helen Markland Is Mark ok? He's absent today
Live Admin @Helen Markland: he's just taken a rostered day off.
Helen Markland @Matthew Dubery Hi Matt, I would like to get in touch with you
Live Admin Thanks for joining us everyone. Have a wonderful week.
William & Diana We love being here with you all too
Live Admin Great to have you William & Diana
William & Diana Wish we could be there in person but this is still awesome
William & Diana Yes I have felt that at times past, but not since Ive discovered my identity
William & Diana Hi Helen. Nice to see you here too
Helen Markland Thank you, I'm happy to hear this message
Helen Markland Isnt that part os the verse written on the empire state building? or United Nations Office in NY perhaps?
William & Diana Handel’s Messiah ... beautiful music
William & Diana Because God’s infallible, incorruptible seed (Word) says it
William & Diana Yes we have Holy Spirit
William & Diana We’re doing well and loving it
William & Diana Larry nor
William & Diana Larry Norman song ...”You’ve been left behind”
William & Diana Loved being with you too
Live Admin Bless you all!
Helen Markland the sound is wonderful !!
Helen Markland Hello Diana and William.
William & Diana Hi Helen. How are you today? Where are you watching from?
Helen Markland Great! Im in Bris- at work now, (lunch break). Hey, i loved hearing Tim last night mention Wesley and Whitfield. I was surprised how it linked with last weeks message
William & Diana Yes wasn’t*t good to hear him reinforce what Mark said last week on these two men. When Mark mentioned them last week it has caused me to give more thought to Discipleship. Diana and I are sitting in regional Victoria as we watch.
Helen Markland I was in Bendigo for a year (a while ago) doing some studies
William & Diana We are praying and considering if we come to Brisbane next year to study more and connect in more with GCC
Helen Markland yes, that would be great. Could study and connect in more
William & Diana Thanks Mark
Helen Markland Hi Elizabeth and Steven
Live Admin We'll be starting just a few minutes late.
Helen Markland Thanks Ben, I keep noticing your touches onto this webpage- it's great!
Live Admin @Helen Markland: thanks Helen Emoticon emoticon-18
Live Admin Here's the link to the video that Mark just played by John Bevere.
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