Foundational Theology Chat

Foundational Theology Chat 
Admin Welcome everyone to the Foundational Theology stream. Please introduce yourself here Emoticon emoticon-10
Zoe Ruwoldt Hi everyone! Joining you from Melbourne, Australia!
Admin Welcome Zoe and everyone else attending foundational Theology this year Emoticon emoticon-10
The first booklet is now available below entitled The Mission Of Christ. Here's the direct link:
Erick Karl Hey all! Erick here in Des Moines, Iowa, USA πŸ™‚ Pumped to be here!
Danielle Lugg Hey guys - Danni from NSW
Danielle Lugg 🀩
Mark Catamora hey crew, mark from melbourne
Zoe Ruwoldt Hey Mark from Melbourne πŸ™‚ Which part of Melbourne are you in ? Im in Altona
Mark Catamora Narre Warren
Frankston Life Community Street Peace crew here! Super excited
Mark Catamora sooo good
Mark Catamora wow love it
Mark Catamora whats the point in reading a whole chapter if your not evening letting it transform you - spot on
Erick Karl been meditating on 1 John 4:9, and it popped today. β€œthat we might live THROUGH Him.” The word in Greek for "through" says something about β€œthe channel of an act." Been thinking about the idea of Jesus being the channel we live through. Makes resting in Him moment-by-moment open up.
Danielle Lugg Are we going to talk in depth about temptation ?
Danielle Lugg
Are we going to talk in depth about temptation ?
Mark says that he will.
Ruth Cannon Hi guys. I work fulltime in day hrs, so I will be watching/studying this course in my evenings/weekends. Seen a few Melbourne folks in the chat, I’m originally from Qld but now based in Preston (Vic) so hi! πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ It’s so great to be here with you all β™₯️
Mark Greenwood Hey guys! Looking forward to seeing those watching live soon!
Frankston Life Community Mark can you please explain what it says in James about desire being fully conceived? From Joshua in Melbourne πŸ™‚
Danielle Lugg What are the diffrent ways you can experience temptation?
Graeme Ciloa Love the illustration
Graeme Ciloa Love the illustration. Every time after people drink water or coffee it would remind them of Gods Love and Mercy
Erick Karl The stream I was raised in emphasizes ENTIRE Sanctification, which suggests you get a pure heart at some time after salvation. The focus has been SO heavy on maturing, so you will FINALLY get free from your sin nature at your moment of entire sanctification, that maturity (I feel, for me) became an idol (with heavy focus on effort). I never saw it until this concept (you taught today) hit my heart.
Mark Catamora wow eric i can relate a lot! its very subliminal but thats how its taught in the church today.
Mark Catamora its extremely freeing when we can come to the knowledge of the truth. the truth sets us free!
Heather Menzies Hi, this is my first time joining from Hobart, Tasmania πŸ™‚
Mark Catamora welcome heather
Heather Menzies The law is evil..
Mark Catamora hallelujah
Mark Catamora why do we still sin if we arent in the flesh and the sinful nature has died.
Mark Catamora thanks so much, amazing message.
Todd McPharlin Great message, so clear and profound where we are now. Watching with Nathan Paul having a wild time. Thanks again.
Live Admin Hi guys. We're about to start soon. Just talking about the impending lockdown. πŸ™‚
student21 Hah no worries, thankyou!
Erick Karl Excited to be here again! Evening for me, morning for you all πŸ™‚
Admin For those who are only doing Foundational Theology and would like to watch this weeks Mighty In The Scriptures class which was essentially part 2 of this weeks teaching, you can view it here:
Frankston Life Community Shout out to buddy Cliff! From the Joshua!
Erick Karl I feel like I was taught a form of Christianity where I've left a veil over my heart. Living in some odd-version of the old covenent for practical living while thinking I'm living out life under the new covenant. So much of the church today (in my experience) feels like it's living out an old covenant version of Chirstianity.
Erick Karl Has the video stream started for anyone else? It's not playing for me.
Admin Sorry for the delay. We will be starting very soon.
Live Admin starting soon...
Live Admin We're on!
Heather Menzies Thankyou
Live Admin starting soon. just having a few tech problems.
Live Admin yep. It's up now.
Admin The next booklet is now available on this page in the resources section. Additionally here is the direct link:
Erick Karl Do you have any scriptures that give us the idea that the New Covenant is a grant covenant?
Frankston Life Community if they need faith, how can we pray for people on the streets/supermarkets (people who don't believe in jesus)? From Josh in Frankston πŸ™‚
Frankston Life Community Don't get disappointed!
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Mighty in the Scriptures Chat

Mighty in the Scriptures Chat 
Mark Greenwood Plenary Verbal inspiration: β€˜Plenary’ means Full or complete, meaning the bible, start to finish is equally inspired. God was not less involved with historical details than He was with Doctrinal Epistle details. β€˜Verbal’ means that the inspiration flowed to the very words they chose. Less than dictation because they could choose a variety of words but God oversaw the message and picture to perfectly present His heart. This view best accommodates scriptural views of inspiration. It accommodates human element, but recognises Holy Spirit as the ultimate author.
Mark Greenwood Above they are separated. Sorry about the large volume of messages.
Helen Markland Hi everyone! Glad to be here with you all. Nearly got through Appendix 1 - one more page to go. Very interesting to read about the canons.
Live Admin Welcome to today's session everyone. We'll be starting very soon.
Helen Markland Does the Koran contain exactly the same words as some parts of OT?
Admin Hey everyone, as per the email Megan will be teaching about the book of Psalms. Here's the link to the handout:
Live Admin Welcome everyone to today's session.
Zoe Ruwoldt What a blessing to have Megan today! πŸ™‚
Zoe Ruwoldt A copy of the slides would be awesome- didn't get long to catch them watching here
Live Admin
Zoe Ruwoldt
A copy of the slides would be awesome- didn't get long to catch them watching here
Yes I'll try and get a copy from Megan.
Zoe Ruwoldt Thankyou!
Zoe Ruwoldt Awesome Megan, this is fabulous!
Live Admin Just a heads up that today's class will go longer than usual.
Admin Welcome Frankston Life Community, Nathan, William & Diana.
William & Diana Love being with you all again today.
Nathan Paull Hello, loving being here with everyone too...such an exciting time of learning for me!
Helen Markland Hello friends!! Lovely to just join now with you ...
William & Diana Hudson Taylor
William & Diana Hi Nathan and Helen
William & Diana To sacrifice isaac
William & Diana Because he loves us and wants us to grow and walk with him
Karen Moore
Live Admin
Yes I'll try and get a copy from Megan.
Hi Admin, were you able to get a copy of Megan's slides for us?
Admin Hey everyone, as per the email you would have received, today's class has been cancelled due to the Brisbane 3-day lockdown. We apologise for the inconvience caused. We'll see you all again next term. Blessings, Ben
Live Admin Welcome everyone, we'll be starting very soon.
Frankston Life Community Sooo freeing this morning, Mark! The four examples of overcoming sin were awesome!
Frankston Life Community Also, can you please explain 1 Timothy 1:15? Does Paul call himself a sinner???
Frankston Life Community From Joshua in Frankston πŸ™‚
Helen Markland Hello everyone!
Admin Welcome Joshua, Erick & Helen.
Frankston Life Community
Welcome Joshua, Erick & Helen.
Emoticon emoticon-23
Frankston Life Community Cliff says hello everyone!!
Admin For those who are only doing MITS and would like to watch this weeks Foundational Theology class which was essentially part 1 of this weeks teaching, you can view it here:
Admin Hi everyone. So sorry for the late notice. From now on class will be starting at 2pm, instead of 1:45pm.
Admin I mistakenly thought we'd be starting at 2pm from next week onwards. An email will go out this week to confirm the new times.
Admin So we'll be starting in about 10 minutes.
Live Admin Thanks for joining us everyone. Have a blessed week!
Helen Markland Hello everyone! Great to be here with you
Live Admin Welcome everyone.
Live Admin Welcome Nathan Paull
Live Admin Welcome Frankston Life Community.
Live Admin Welcome Helen & Erick.
Erick Karl πŸ™‚
Live Admin Looking into audio issue now
Erick Karl I googled the Bible Project video and I'm watching over there for now, LOL
Helen Markland Hi there Ben and everyone πŸ‘‹
Admin Here's the direct link to the video:
Live Admin Bless you all. Thanks for joining in today. I'll get the audio fixed up and re-upload the video. Have a great week!
Nathan Paull Hi Guys, thanks for the direct link πŸ™‚
Helen Markland Would it be possible to get the PDF from Megan’s teaching in Acts- the pictorial view of Acts? Thanks
Live Admin Welcome everyone. We've gone live now. The in house students are going to do a quick recap of last week.
Live Admin @Helen Markland: yes I'll ask Megan about it. She does use a special program that is different to Powerpoint, but hopefully she can export it as a PDF.
Helen Markland Oh that would be good Thanks Ben
Admin Hey Helen, here's the download link to Megan's presention that she used with Prezi:!AiWw6WV_LPSBhEPZWgkLTle3zyHh?e=F7HI3U
Admin Once you've downloaded it you can watch this video that explains how to open it:
Admin Hey everyone, near the bottom of this page, there's a new class resources section. Rachel McInnes has created some resources that you can download for today's class. There are currently 4 documents you can download.
Helen Markland
Hey everyone, near the bottom of this page, there's a new class resources section. Rachel McInnes has created some resources that you can download for today's class. There are currently 4 documents you can download.
Thanks so much
Frankston Life Community thank you so much everyone!!!
Admin Bless you all!
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