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Helen Markland Hey Ben, hope youre doing great... I did email Mark with some shots for know of the email issues?I'm wondering whether he got it? i also emailed the academy email too...
student what scripture is that in Peter touching and healing?
Helen Markland i need to kniow too Katt!
Helen Markland there it is john 14:12
Helen Markland Whoever believes in me, not the shadow scripture!
student I SAW THAT
student I thought she was wearing glitter
Helen Markland oh wow, thank You LORD!
Live Admin @Helen Markland: I'll check with Mark to see if he got your email.
student so good Mark! (katt)
student thank you (melody)
student Love you Mark! (katt)
Helen Markland hey there Ben, good morning! Are you able to add the new PDF for the new unit/topic that begins today please?
Live Admin Yes, thanks Helen for the reminder. I'll add a button to it on the member's area later today. For now here is the direct link
Helen Markland Thanks Ben, wonderful
Live Admin We'll be starting just a few minutes late today. Great to have you all with us as usual Emoticon emoticon-10
student Hey its crackling real bad
Helen Markland Hi Ben, very crackling sound here
Live Admin Looking into it now
Helen Markland great now, thank you!!!
Jessica Woodhouse thanks admin thats awesome
Helen Markland Is Mark ok? He's absent today
Live Admin @Helen Markland: he's just taken a rostered day off.
Helen Markland @Matthew Dubery Hi Matt, I would like to get in touch with you
Live Admin Thanks for joining us everyone. Have a wonderful week.
William & Diana We love being here with you all too
Live Admin Great to have you William & Diana
William & Diana Wish we could be there in person but this is still awesome
William & Diana Yes I have felt that at times past, but not since Ive discovered my identity
William & Diana Hi Helen. Nice to see you here too
Helen Markland Thank you, I'm happy to hear this message
Helen Markland Isnt that part os the verse written on the empire state building? or United Nations Office in NY perhaps?
William & Diana Handel’s Messiah ... beautiful music
William & Diana Because God’s infallible, incorruptible seed (Word) says it
William & Diana Yes we have Holy Spirit
William & Diana We’re doing well and loving it
William & Diana Larry nor
William & Diana Larry Norman song ...”You’ve been left behind”
William & Diana Loved being with you too
Live Admin Bless you all!
Helen Markland the sound is wonderful !!
Helen Markland Hello Diana and William.
William & Diana Hi Helen. How are you today? Where are you watching from?
Helen Markland Great! Im in Bris- at work now, (lunch break). Hey, i loved hearing Tim last night mention Wesley and Whitfield. I was surprised how it linked with last weeks message
William & Diana Yes wasn’t*t good to hear him reinforce what Mark said last week on these two men. When Mark mentioned them last week it has caused me to give more thought to Discipleship. Diana and I are sitting in regional Victoria as we watch.
Helen Markland I was in Bendigo for a year (a while ago) doing some studies
William & Diana We are praying and considering if we come to Brisbane next year to study more and connect in more with GCC
Helen Markland yes, that would be great. Could study and connect in more
William & Diana Thanks Mark
Helen Markland Hi Elizabeth and Steven
Live Admin We'll be starting just a few minutes late.
Helen Markland Thanks Ben, I keep noticing your touches onto this webpage- it's great!
Live Admin @Helen Markland: thanks Helen Emoticon emoticon-18
Live Admin Here's the link to the video that Mark just played by John Bevere.
Admin Hey everyone. The Queen's Birthday holiday here in Queensland occurs on the 4th of October. So we will instead be starting back on the 12th of October, not the 5th of October as originally mentioned. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience. We pray you have a wonderful break and we'll see you next term!
Ashley Hodges Im loving The Academy! 🙂
Helen Markland Hi Ben, the Taste and See open day - is it that we attend both sessions, or choose one only? Do you know please? Thanks, helen
Live Admin @Helen Markland: Yes you can attend both sessions or just individual sessions. Completely up to you.
Helen Markland Thanks Ben , that’s great
Admin Hey all. Because The Academy here in Brisbane started last week Tuesday we're technically on week 2 of term 4 already. When this week's class was originally streamed I had it labelled as week 1. I've now renamed it to week 2.
Helen Markland Hi there Ben,
Helen Markland Are you able to add the latest PDF booklet for the Motive of Christ? Thanks so much, Helen
Live Admin @Helen Markland: Hey Helen. I'm currently waiting on Mark to send it to me. I'll follow up with him about it today Emoticon emoticon-10
Helen Markland Thanks so much Ben. Also i wnated to ask, would these recordings be here next year if I do the following subject? Thanks so much Ben
Carlos Padilla When is the Motive of Christ pdf going to be availa
Admin @Helen Markland: Yes if you register with the same account you'll be able to access next years subject, as well as retaining access for this years. Our goal is to ensure access is available for at least 1 year after a class finishes. So you should be able to access this years teachings for another year.
Admin @Carlos Padilla: I've emailed Mark about it and he's said it should be available by the end of this week. Once I get it I'll upload it here and email all online students about it Emoticon emoticon-10
Helen Markland Thanks so much for your reply Ben, and all you do. That’s great news for me. It sounds like a few things had to be swapped around to be fit into the last Unit of the subject, so that’s fine. Thanks, helen
Admin Hey everyone. The Motive of Christ booklet has now been uploaded.
William & Diana Hi my precious brothers and sisters. It’s such a blessing and privilege to be here with you all
Helen Markland Hey there!
William & Diana Hi Helen. I pray that you are being greatly blessed and filled with His presence. Diana and I are looking forward to meeting you and our other GCC brothers and sisters in person one day again soon.
Helen Markland Thanks William... so so blesssed!
Helen Markland How are you both doing?
William & Diana We are rejoicing in Jesus and loving receiving more and more of His presence and at the same time are in the midst of a very real battle over our lives and minds. He is faithful and ALL things work together for good. So I am not downcast but nonetheless fighting a battle that has been waging for quite a while now. Even as i type this I feel that the Lord is reminding me that “I love not my own life unto death”. So ... I am learning and choosing to rejoice in the midst of every battle and attack the enemy is hurling at us. I know that the shield of faith WILL/DOES extinguish every fiery dart from the enemy. Sorry for the long reply ... but its a real one.:)
Helen Markland William, that sounds tough. These words from P.Katherine now would be nourishing for your soul... joy in all circimstances. I enourage you to keep standing, keep remaining in our Faithful One.
William & Diana Thanks Helen. We are doing well really. Thanks for your love and encouragement. Yes I am so blessed by Mark, Katherine and the whole GCC body. Emoticon emoticon-10
student Morning!
Live Admin Good morning everyone.
Helen Markland good morning, so glad to be here with you
Live Admin Welcome Helen.
Helen Markland Good morning !
Helen Markland Hello Carlos!
Helen Markland How great to have access to an Academy Library wow!
Live Admin Welcome everyone to the final session of the year. We'll be starting very shortly.
Ashley Hodges 1 Corinthians- become the righteous of Christ
Admin Hello everyone. There is now a new video download section just above this chat box. You can now easily download any of the sessions directly through this website. Blessings, Ben.
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